Is the filter jug the most reliable water purifier.?

Is the filter jug the most reliable water purifier.?


The filter carafe is a huge success with households who choose tap water as their exclusive daily drink. In France, as in the United States, it is widely used by consumers to filter tap water. The current question is: is the water filter jug ​​the most reliable water purifier? Indeed, come to think of it, the filter jug ​​does not only have advantages. To bring more visibility on the subject, let’s discover together the need to filter tap water and then talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the filter jug.

Why is it essential to filter drinking tap water?

When you think about it, it may be curious to still want to filter tap water that is already drinkable. Indeed, in France, as in developed countries, we have no problem accessing drinking water. French water distributors are committed to providing clean, well-treated water across the country. Moreover, the treatment of water is governed by strict standards concerning its quality. However, many consumers complain about the strong chlorine taste of tap water. This is explained by the fact that chlorine is a component used to treat water, in particular to eliminate bacteria.

In addition, it happens that we find a tiny amount of sand, rust or metals (copper, lead) in tap water. These unwanted residues come from the worn pipes and pipes through which the water travels to our taps. Faced with these concerns, filtering tap water is the best guarantee of obtaining perfectly drinkable water. The filter jug ​​is the most widely used water purifier in France. The question is: can we fully trust this filtering system?

The advantages and disadvantages of the filter jug

The filter carafe is a carafe specially designed to filter tap water. For this, it is made up of a filter cartridge which eliminates the chlorine responsible for the bad taste of the water and, to the same extent, filters contaminants such as metals and organic residues. The filter cartridge consists of several components, including resin notes and activated carbon, which allows it to filter all unwanted impurities from the water.

On the other hand, the resin beads also retain magnesium and calcium, which greatly reduces the water content of these essential nutrients for the body . In addition, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can contaminate the filtered water.

In contrast, the new generation LaVie water purifiers offer effective water purification without these various disadvantages. Using a purification system based on UVA radiation, they remove chlorine and contaminants from the water without reducing the concentrations of essential trace elements and mineral salts. Moreover, as they are not equipped with a filter, LaVie purifiers do not present any risk of contamination of the water by