The different ways to prepare bongs

The different ways to prepare bongs


Let’s think of a scenario where you are urging for a sip of a bong, but the unfortunate thing is that you have left your bong at a friend’s house, and all of the shops got closed; what will you do to satisfy your needs? But if this is the case, then worry not; I have a solution you can use to satisfy your urges. You can make a homemade bong which can easily help you in these difficult situations; below, we will discussa similar topic on how to make bongs at home.

How to make DIY bongs?

You already know the components you’ll need for your DIY bong; it’s time to get creative. The four most inventive ideas are shared below, along with instructions on how to create each one.

Make the bong with fruit

Among stoners, a homemade fruit or vegetable bong is a classic. Apples, carrots, potatoes, and watermelon are some of the greatest foods for this strategy. However, feel free to give any other a try as long as it’s new.

This approach costs little money and requires only a pencil and some fruit or vegetables. To make an apple into a homemade bong, follow these instructions:

Insert the pencil through the head of a ripe apple until it reaches the core; you can remove the stem. The bowl and down stem are thus formed. Then create the carburettor by drilling a hole in each side until they meet in the centre. Make a third opening in the apple’s front, which should connect to the first two to form a tube. You may now use your apple DIY bong!

Bong with the help of a bottle

The DIY bottled water bong is arguably the most well-known variation. It’s fantastic for recycling as well! You only require a capless plastic bottle, a pen, and some foil. Follow the instruction given below to prepare a bong with a bottle:

Your plastic bottle should be 1/4 full of water.To create the carb, use your pen to cut a tiny hole a few centimetres below the bottleneck.For your down stem, drill a second hole a bit above the waterline. If you have a pipe already there, place it here. If not, create one and angle it into the water. Use any little tube, such as a hollowed-out pen, with a piece of foil wrapped over the top as a makeshift-down stem.It’s time to fire up and enjoy while sucking through the plastic bottle’s top aperture.


If you lose your bong or are out of paper, you may easily make one at home. We hope we’ve inspired you to develop some of your own. Don’t forget to keep the bowl free of plastic and metal, and only use fresh items.

Pick one of the above-mentioned suggestions, or look around your home for another item. If you’re patient and creative, you can use practically anything. Hope you learned how to make bongsat home. As a thank you for passing along our DIY bong-making advice, we’re confident that your buddies will soon invite you over for a joint.