Seated massage benefits and how is it performed.?

Seated massage benefits and how is it performed.?


Want to have a relaxing massage without having to undress? Want to enjoy a deep massage performed by a physiotherapist that will help you remove the stress accumulated during a working day? Imagine yourself lying on an ergonomic chair and a practitioner will use different techniques to work the neck, back and shoulders. This kind of seated massage will definitely help you relieve muscle tension and stress and thus recover your energy.

Also known as “chair massage” or “seated amma”, seated massage appeared 1300 years ago in Japan and then developed with the American massage therapist David Palmer. Today, many companies are deciding to increasingly introduce seated massage into their wellness strategy to better manage stress at work.

Performed only by a well-trained masseur, seated massage is ideal for relieving muscle pain and tension and better managing chronic problems such as headaches, poor blood circulation, blood pressure, etc.

How is the seated massage performed?

Anyone can receive a chair massage at a spa center or at work. Moreover, this kind of massage will help employees to get rid of stress and work better too.

As its name suggests, seated massage is performed on a chair specially designed to support the upper body. The masseur will show his client how to use the massage chair: the chest is supported while the face and arms are placed in a cradle. Don’t worry, the practitioner will adjust the settings of the ergonomic chair so that you are comfortable.

Thereafter, he will proceed with the massage by applying deep tissue compression techniques and Swedish massage for five to thirty minutes. The parts of the body targeted by the seated massage are the neck, the back, the shoulders, the arms, the nape of the neck and the head.

The benefits of seated massage

Seated massage offers almost the same benefits as a full body massage at a spa. Whether you are an employee or a normal person, you can get a seated massage at your workplace or your personal place.

Receiving a massage on site will save you the trip to a spa center or clinic to enjoy a moment of relaxation. In addition, you no longer have to undress, you just have to stay in a comfortable position on the massage chair and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

How can seated massage help you?

Practiced at home or in business, seated massage will help you:Improve blood circulation and regulate energy flow.Soothing and calming, seated massage also improves sleep and reduces chronic or migraine headaches.On a psychological level, chair massage will also help you better manage stress and improve self-esteem.In summary, seated massage can take place when the client is fully clothed. Without the need for massage oil, creams or other products, the masseur will use different massage techniques to work the back, neck, arms, shoulders, head and neck. For 10 to 30 minutes, the massage therapist will target 140 specific points to resolve tension, relieve pain and regulate energy flow. Apart from that, the seated massage will help the patient to better manage his stress, the main enemy of well-being.