What are Meal Replacement

What are Meal Replacement


Meal replacements or complete foods are food. Food that comes in various formats, but comprises of all the important nutrients your body requires per meal. A cheapest meal replacement or a complete food is a nutritional product relied on the present scientific command of human nutritional requirements. It aims to offer a complete and stabilized set of nutrients that will satiate all your regular needs. Complete foods will have sufficient macro nutrients to supply all your nutritional requirements per meal.

Per each meal, they will supply a percentage of the regular of your daily nutrients per serving; so that 4 servings will include all your requirements.


The very common way to sell and have meal replacements. The food is processed or mixed into powder and sold in bags comprising of one or more servings. You put the powder in a shaker, include water or milk and shake it in order to have it. It’s the very common and economical way, along with, potentially the healthiest form of complete foods.

Ready to drink

These are shakes that have been complete lyset by the manufacturer and are set for devouring. Just like protein shakes or breakfast shakes sold in supermarkets, the user only requires opening the bottle and having their meal. Despite that, they will comprise of 330-500 kcal per serving; being much more filling than the average supermarket protein drink.

Powder in a Bottle:

The powder is kept in a bottle so they user only requires to include water or milk and shake it. It has the advantage of compactness the RTD do, but without having to develop a new product. In the present years, this form has been out dated due to the environmental activities and absence of clear advantages towards the standard powder.

Meal Replacement Bar

Bars are the extremely common solid meal replacements. They are actually same as protein bars or snack bars, but they comprise of a balance nutrition the others do not. Besides offering you with 200-400 kcal, 20g of protein (on average) and healthy fats and carbs; they also add up all the vitamins & minerals your body requires.

You might be asking why would anyone consume something so artificial (which is not) over real food? Actually, there are several reasons, why you would select to have a meal replacement rather than food.

  • Time Checks:

Plenty of people appear to be short on time particularly at breakfast and lunch time. They do not have the needed time to cook or to go to have a healthy meal to a restaurant.

  • Nutrition:

People are concerned about what they consume and place in their bodies more and more. Meal replacements add up carefully selected ingredients and assessable quantities of micro and macro nutrients. Consequently, it helps many to select what they eat.

  • Health:

This reason is straight away associated to the other two. Meal alternatives that are fast and nutritionally balanced or healthy are restricted. Knowing that you are having a healthy meal, without having to abandon cooking time or nutritional value is a luxury for maximum.

  • Cost:

Consider how much a sandwich charges in the supermarket, or how much fast food charges or the lunch at the canteen.

To sum up, a meal replacement is a way of nutrition (food) that will allow you to have all the nutrients your body requires per set meal.