What exactly is photomodulation. ?

What exactly is photomodulation. ?


LED photo modulation therapy is ultimately an alternative to laser treatment. However, unlike this one, it applies a cold ray which therefore does not release heat and in no way irritates your skin. Pulsed light in minute calculator which is almost imperceptible to the eye.This light, finally, is of different colors depending on the type of treatment you are carrying out and the effects you want to have. The visible appearance is useful both in aesthetics and ultimately in the medical field. By transforming the color of the LED, you therefore intervene in a different way on your cells and arouse chemical effects which improve, calm, help, disinfect and correct your epidermis. Scleroprotein, elastin or even repairing diastases are therefore reinforced and penetrate promptly to alter and regenerate scarred and altered cells.

The benefits of photomodulation therapy

The benefits on the skin of photo modulation light treatment are against acne spots which only concern adults, the coverage of LED light therapy is of quality. The process against acne has the objective of restricting the production of sebum via the sebaceous glands and this by means of blue and red lights which reduce redness, this is how the cover works (photo modulation mask ). The germs on the face spread as soon as possible and more precisely with the use of depigmenting oils and creams which are the additional cause of external aggressions to your skin associated with the climate, impurities, and identically with dietary statements the keys can quickly double.

Along with the estimated reasons of anxiety, hormone issues, poor skin treatment, acne, most of the time are undoubted nightmares for those affected. Now with the LED therapy mask, you can really take care of your skin without risk. In addition, LED face photomodulation is a way to treat your skin without risk through the light therapy technique. Also to solve the problems of acne, sun aggression, hyper-pigmentation, face scars, etc.

Find a beauty center in Tunisia

In other circumstances, you can proceed with ULTHERAPY surgery, to repair scars, and other skin problems that bother you. You can go to a beauty center for such surgery on your face. This technique being used in the context of aging and irritated skin, is highly effective on the results that appear. This LED light therapy method slows down the effects of aging by renewing collagen, reducing acne, improving your epidermis, and eliminating spots related to skin pigmentation. We recommend a recognized beauty center for such a process, or the use of the light therapy mask.

What is not a difficult thing to do is to be able to find an aesthetic center in the Tunisian region, because there are many aesthetic centers. With this technique, you can give your face a youthful look, without having to use products that attack your skin. You just need to find out about the different centers that apply this facial treatment technique, to use this method. It takes about a few sessions to get the desired results and correct your epidermis for a cleaner, glowing face.